Mom’s crying now.

I peed on the carpet and she yelled. She turned her back on me when I followed her into the kitchen. Mom was mad at me.

But then I didn’t feel so good and collapsed at my food bowl. Daddy called her over, so now she is crying because she feels bad.

It’s ok. I knew this was coming. I don’t want my mom to cry, so this last day is going to be the best ever … for my mom and dad. I know just what to do to make them happy…


And so we did it all. I walked around the block with mom. She was super happy because she loves to walk and she thinks I’m better. When dad came home at lunch, I ran to meet him and gave him kisses. He thinks that is such fun.

But of course now the day has run out, time for me to go home. I only have a couple more things I want to do.

Oh mom just came home and is crying again. I’m licking her hand to make her feel better. She doesn’t like being licked on the face. 

Daddy is lifting me into the car.


The vet gave me a shot … one more thing … I can hear her coming … awe … she’s crying so hard … yes, yes, I love you too.

Okay well that’s it … daddy’s petting me till I sleep …


***Six years later***


Yashmea is petting me now and we are peeking down at my mom and dad.

They have a new puppy. I am so happy for them. They were so sad when I left, I was afraid they wouldn’t get to play anymore. But … something is wrong.

“Yashmea why is mommy crying?”

Yashmea strokes my shiny black coat and scratches behind my ear before He tells me.

“Your mom is having a little trouble adjusting to the new one. You did such a good job showing them about faithfulness for me … your mom and dad can’t quite seem to get there are other things to learn.”

“Oh. What is this puppy going to teach?”


“Oh. That’s an even harder one than faithfulness.”

“Yes … and quite a different puppy.”