Sophia looked up at her dad. At the age of five, her father was her hero. She reached down and fastened her pink and gray backpack then carefully lifted it up onto the kitchen table.


“Daddy are we going to stay all night in the forest?”


Sam picked up the sleeping bags and turned to his daughter.


“Yep that’s right honey. All night. You still want to go right?”


Sophia jumped up and down then spun around landing on her dad’s foot. Both father and daughter laughed.


“Sorry dad, I’m just so excited. I’ve never been to the forest before.” Sophie’s eyes glistened.




The fire crackled and plumes of smoke climbed into the inky night. Sophia’s eyes were drooping closed at times but she sat upright next to her dad. Sam poked at the wood now and then causing the embers to crackle and glow. Sophia loved it.


“Did you have fun Soph?”


“It was the best dad. Except for the bee. I didn’t like him at all.” Sophia looked down at the angry red bump on her arm.


Sam gently touched the spot and Sophia looked up at him.


“I liked it though when you picked me up and ran me to our tent. And that stuff you put on it made it feel better.”


“I’m glad Soph. I think the bee might not have stung you if you hadn’t poked at it. Sorry though that you got hurt.”


“You told me not to.” Sophia’s face was solemn as she looked into her dad’s eyes. A tear trickled down her face.


Sam reached over and brought his small daughter into his lap. Sophia laid her head against her dad’s heart and listened to the steady rhythm.


“Well now you know that bees can sting.”


A few moments passed and Sophia squirmed off her dad’s lap and raced to the tent. When she came back she was holding a bag of marshmallows.


“Dad how about I roast you a marshmallow?”


Sam looked at the enthusiasm on her face and nodded his assent with a smile. As the fire flamed under the marshmallow, Sophia’s face formed a look of complete concentration. She bit her lip slightly and kept her eye on the slowly toasting treat. When she deemed it perfect, she held it out to her dad.


“Wow this is awesome. Thank you Sophia.” Sam slipped the marshmallow into his mouth.


With shining eyes focused on her dad, Sophia’s mouth curved into a grin and she breathed a sigh of satisfaction.