Her clothes seemed big now

As she moved to the light

Changed in an instant

She now wore pure white


Earth moved away

As a throne came in view

Large white books opened

A judgment was due


In the blink of an eye

There stood He in white

A gold flowing sash

A countenance so bright


And just as He said

In His Word she knew well

He stood waiting for her

And to His Father did tell


An introduction of family

Based on His deed

She was welcomed in heaven

His sacrifice - all she would need



Smiling He led her

To see all the sights

Countless people

Dressed in white


Golden streets, healing trees

Family … friends … all things new

She met Moses and Daniel

Isaiah and Ruth


Finally He led to

Her very own place

Lovingly prepared …

She looked in His face


Tribulation was over

And all things were new

Peace and salvation

Only one thing to do


As a child in wonder

She knelt before Him alone

Thanking the King

For her entrance to home