I am standing here in the garden with beautiful plants all around me. But I’m small… although I have shiny new leaves. My name is Priscilla and I live by my grandmother. Our roots reach into the soil and nourish us. Hers are so much deeper than mine.


         Grandma tells me not to fret, that soon my roots will go deep and I will be beautiful and strong in Yashmea’s care. Yashmea is in charge of the garden here and has lots of other gardens too. I love him – he is so awesome and can do anything … but I worry. I am not strong and pretty like the other flowers. Grandma says to stop looking at them and live my seasons. She says I will be fine. Yashmea says I am perfect.




         The autumn chill is making me droopy and I am dreading the coming winter. I look even worse now.


         I can’t survive. I am frozen and ugly. Yashmea has been here every day tenderly caressing what is left of my stem and whispering to me. It is the only thing that keeps me going. A strong winter wind seemed to overcome my grandma and I am all alone. Well except for Yashmea. I am a terrible flower.


         I have found something to do during the dark winter months. I’ve been stretching my roots deep into the soil, below the place where the freezing numbs my body. I miss my grandma.




         Wow … the first warm rays of sun. I saw Yashmea this morning and he said I am doing well with my new deeper roots. I was embarrassed because I saw the other flowers beginning to stand up in all their glory. But I was glad he came.


         I am feeling so much better … the long winter rest … the stretching beneath the earth to rich soil and hidden water … I just looked down and saw a green leaf on my leg. It’s a really pretty leaf … not showy but nice.




         Why ... there is my grandma. She looks gorgeous!!! I thought she was gone forever but she said she was only resting and working on her roots. I lost sight of her in the winter but I guess Yashmea knew all along she was fine.


         Hey grandma … my roots are deeper too!!


         Here comes Yashmea now. Hi Yashmea … oh THIS is spring? I’ve heard of it, but -  What is that thing in your hand? A mirror … for me to look at myself … oh I don’t think I want to … well okay … if you think its best.


         Is that me??? But I have my very own pretty flower now!! It is a little hard to see but … wow you did that with me?


         So there you have it. Me … Priscilla … the ugliest plant in the garden. But under the gardener’s care, stretching my roots, taking a time of rest and growing in season – I’m blooming!!!!