The coughing pounded through my lungs and throat leaving me gasping for air. I carefully lifted the covers and walked slowly from the bedroom.


The family room was bathed in moonlight, pictures of the grandchildren smiled out from the walls. Another spasm overcame my joy. Finally as the coughing subsided I sat down on the worn couch and breathed as best I could. I loved this room with its pictures and memories; the old furniture spoke of years of gatherings. The windows were covered in curtains I had made. I breathed in and out.


The morning sunlight spilled into the room in a cascade of gold with iridescent fingers melting the air. I breathed deeply … without coughing. Oh thank you Lord. Some small sound caught my attention and turning slowly to my surroundings; I didn’t recognize where I was.


I was not in my bedroom.


I remembered walking to the family room in the middle of the night … but one look around revealed I was not in my family room.


That sound again. What … is it possible … yes … it is singing. I stood up with ease and took another delicious deep breath, exhaling peacefully without the catch in my chest I had come to expect.  But I could tell … the racking cough was gone for good. 


I knew then. Reading and imagining hadn’t done justice to what lay before me now. Perfect lush trees, my favorite thing on earth, looked completely amazing here. There wasn’t a sun – just like it said – but the light was too wonderful … airy … alive … golden. As much as I wanted to see all the sights and follow the golden paths and see the angels and meet Jeremiah and find my mom and see my friend Karen for coffee …


I had to see Him.


The moment I thought it … there He was.


Smiling … I knew He would be smiling.


Offering out His nail scarred hands …


Then He spoke-


“Well done good and faithful servant, enter into My joy and the place I have prepared for you.”




After all my screw ups, angry days … I mean I tried but seriously … ME?


He smiled again.


So after all … it was all about Him.

He was able to carry me safely.

Because I went with Him …

                                                      I got to here.


Amazing Grace!