Lifestyles of those who have met a holy God and received His mercy:

We present our bodies to God as an act of worship ... living sacrifices. So in the thoughts and deeds of the flesh, we honor the Holy Spirit of God.

We are not conformed to the world's ideas, but are transformed moment by moment in God's presence. We think differently.

Our hearts have confidence that the Lord will show us His will.

We are humble and remember that we are part of a community of believers, working, serving, loving together for God's glory.

The love we show is not an emotion but a way of life. It is sincere.

We are joyful in hope.

Patient in affliction.

Faithful in prayer.

We share.

We live in harmony with others - crying together, laughing together ... we strive to be a blessing to others and never a curse.

We leave the people who harm us in God's care and when called to respond to them ... we are careful to only give out goodness ... knowing full well that in God's sovereign plans - good always overcomes evil.

As far as it depends on our actions toward others ... we live in peace. Laying down the causes of the world and picking up the cross we stand out by loving our neighbors and believing God.