Simple Faith

Some people think the world we live in at this crossroads in history is too complex for simple faith. “We need to change some things to keep up with the times”.

         This is not a new idea – as the writer in Ecclesiastes (1:9) said, “… there is nothing new under the sun”. From the moment sin entered the world … mankind has routinely pursued the need to change something about God or to ignore Him altogether.

         I am not gifted in apologetics so there will be no attempt here to logically meet mankind’s arguments … and besides if there is anyone who is NOT changing … that would be God. He doesn’t need to – He is perfect.


         But I thought today it might be refreshing to take a look at the faith that God accepts, loves and rewards. It isn’t complicated and we are given a perfect example in our old friend – Abraham. We can read in full about his relationship with God from Genesis chapter 12 – chapter 25:11.


         For our focus today though – let’s take a look at Romans chapter 4. I’m going to paraphrase so please read the actual text in case I make a mistake.


Simple faith – Abraham style


Abraham believed God.

         It was that simple. And that belief was “credited” to Abraham as righteousness. It wasn’t a “work” he did to please God - Abraham simply believed what God said.

         How many of us put the cart before the horse and head out for good works before sitting down to simply believe God.


Abraham hoped … in God.

         And … Abraham hoped against enormous odds.

                  Abraham didn’t count on his body or his age as a determining factor in his life … he put his hope in God.


Abraham was fully persuaded that God could do what He said He could do.

                  Abraham didn’t doubt … the King James Version says he didn’t “stagger” at the promise of God through unbelief.



I get the first part … I believe. But I confess – I want to believe better- stronger – unwavering.


I’m getting better at the second … putting my hope in God … it is a choice to make everyday. And like Abraham, my body is aging … but … that is not going to be the determining factor in my life – hoping in God is.


The last one – wow –

         Yes absolutely. I am fully persuaded that God can do what He says He can.


And when I doubt or stagger – my plan is to run right back to simple faith – believe – hope – fully persuaded

                  That God can do what He says He can.


For that – I’m going to have to go now because I have to find out what all that is … headed off to Romans again … have a day of simple faith!